Web Design
Located in Nassau Bahamas, Benelda.com creates affordable web design solutions for small and medium sized businesses.
Website Maintenance
Benelda.com has a wealth of web maintenance experience. Please view our portfolio for some examples of our work.
Internet Marketing
We go beyond traditional web marketing to make your website mesh with all your other advertising & marketing efforts.
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Bahamas Web Design by Benelda.com!

Located in Nassau, Benelda.com is a Bahamas based Web design firm specializes in affordable web design and e-commerce solutions for small and medium sized businesses throughout the Caribbean, and in fact the world.


Web Design Experience
Benelda.com has a wealth of Web site creation experience. This variety of experience gives us the ability to capably address the needs of a wide range of business types. Having created and maintained a number of successful web sites, for clients both large and small, we are able to work within almost any reasonable budget. Please view our portfolio for some examples of our work.


We provide a complete range of web design services; from a simple online brochure to e-business sites and e-commerce storefronts. Our services include: creating the site (which may be part of a larger, integrated marketing plan), hosting the site (testing and putting it up on the Internet) and maintaining and updating the site. These services may be purchased individually or as a complete web services package.


Costs vary widely and depend upon whether you desire to simply repurpose an brochure online, create a site that fully utilizes the Internet's interactivity, or develop a site as one element in a full-blown marketing plan. Depending on its place on this spectrum, and the number of bells and whistles, the site price can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. We would be happy to provide a written fixed price quotation, clearly delineating what will be included in the cost of our services, after an evaluation of your specific needs.


Internet Marketing
Our Web Internet marketing services include listing your site's URL (its uniform resource locator, or Web site "address") with the various directory services and search engines and doing other on-line publicity. We even go beyond traditional on-line marketing and will work with you on ways to make your Web site known through your other marketing materials.


Web Site Statistics
As part of our web hosting agreement we will provide you with a monthly "traffic report" indicating how many visitors your site is receiving. This data is provided at no extra cost. These detailed statistics will assist greatly in your marketing efforts. The stats will include information that indicates from where visitors are coming to your site (for example, are they visiting from an America Online address or from a corporate URL?), what times of day the site is being visited, which types of browsers are being used to view the site -- and a wide range of other information that can be electronically gathered without impinging upon the privacy of the visitor.


At Benelda.com we are really big on interactivity and building customer relationships online. We can create a customized user experience for your site visitors with varying levels of sophistication. At the very least we recommend the development of an on-line "guest book" or feedback tool, via which visitors can sign in, and leave a brief comment, before they surf around. This is also an excellent way to build an opt-in mailing list for an e-newsletter or email ad campaign.


Before starting on your project we will provide you with a realistic schedule for meeting your deadline for the site, based upon your ability to deliver your part of the bargain in providing materials and approvals.


Please understand that the creation of a Web site is a process, not a project, and that when you launch your site it will never be 'done' -- that it is a living thing that goes on pretty much forever.


For more information, or to receive a free evaluation of your current site or your upcoming web design needs, please contact Lisa.