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E-consultants at Benelda.com can assist you in choosing the appropriate applications and technological advances to build the most effective website. The Benelda.com team can also design tools and applications to meet your individual goals and objectives.

Interactive Interfaces
What’s great about the web is its ability to engage the viewer and allow visitors to your website to feel welcome, safe, and unpressured as they browse and make buying decisions. On the web, content is king! It’s the content that will make visitors stay and even come back for more.

So give them a reason to stick around–and to buy! Interactive features keep your site fresh and useful.

A calendar on your website can give viewers info about upcoming specials or events. Or you can let clients actually schedule their own appointments right online!

Discussion Forums (Message Boards)
Great for encouraging a sense of community and for keeping visitors returning again and again, message boards can also be used like a guest book, so that visitors can sign in and leave feedback. Or set up some classified ads and allow people to buy and sell items from your site. This works especially well if you have a niche website for something like antiques or special collectibles.

Feedback Forms
Build a mailing list by getting your visitors to fill out a short form on your website. Allow them to sound off or comment on issues, ask questions, or request some company literature. Offering a contest of some sort encourages participation. You can also offer a free monthly newsletter to everyone who signs up. (Everyone loves a freebie!) In return, you have an audience for all your promotions.

Password Protection & Members-Only Sites
If you have content worth subscribing to, you can allow guests to sign up on your site, then login with a username and password. Passwords can be automatically assigned and kept in a database for easy reference. In this way, everything is automated, and you just collect the cash!

Online Auctions
Now you can run your own eBay. Our fully featured auction script lets your visitors buy and sell anything you allow on your website. There’s a seamless integration with your existing website, and our administration area lets you change categories, update the look of your site and access transaction information easily.

Visitor Polls
Find out what your website viewers are really thinking. You might be surprised. Get feedback on new features you’re offering and discover what customers really want. This is a great way to target your marketing efforts and find out more about your audience by getting them involved in your website community. Visitors who take the poll can also see how other people voted right away.

Dynamic Content
Giving visitors a way to get involved on your site helps keep them interested. Keeping your content fresh keeps them coming back. Dynamic content means that your website changes automatically. You can program in specials and news items and messages in advance or use simple forms to change the text on your site without having to do any programming at all!

Whether you want your website to talk with your visitors or serve up an ever-changing interface of pithy content, chances are we can do whatever you can dream.

Scheduled Specials
Want to do some holiday promotions in your online store? Offer some web coupons? You can let your visitors know about time-sensitive sales or information automatically. We’ll program your website to display your messages whenever you want. You can even have seasonal images appear or wish your customers a good morning, afternoon or evening.

News & Events
Offer a news feed with headlines of the day, linking to popular news sites like CNN. Or have your own newsletter. Or tip of the day. Or upcoming events on your home page. Whatever you like. You can change your headline and text from your own administration area, then update your site with the click of a button. No programming required! Visitors always see fresh info on your site and will check back more often to see what’s new.

Website Administration Areas
If you choose dynamic modules such as online polls, calendars or newsletters, you will be able to manage this content without knowing any HTML (website code). You’ll be able to go to a special hidden page on your website, login with an exclusive username and password, then fill in a simple form and just click a button to make immediate changes on your site. You’ll be able to add new articles and events, enter new questions for polls, or make any changes you need to the dynamic areas of your site.

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