P.O. Box n-405
Nassau, Bahamas

VAT Invoice
Tax Identification Number (TIN): 107016618

Invoice Number INV-0615
Invoice Date July 5, 2018
Due Date July 16, 2018
Total Due $6,131.31
Family Medicine Center

P.O. Box N-1658
Nassau, Bahamas

TAX ID: 100005668
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Work done for FMC & DEN: JUNE

Updated pages on website:
Added pictures
- Ob/Gyn page; Physio page; Rheum page
Established username for FB &
expanded services listings
Prepared diabetes support group photos for video promo
Prepared payment poster proof
Created new gmail account and
new FMC Youtube channel to host promo videos
Added mission statement to FB page "story"

1 Facebook ad campaign media costs: DEN

Dexcom ads and videos: ad sets targeted to parents; general nation-wide 18-65.

1 Image procurement

New images procured for: social media ads; website

1 Dexcom marketing

June ad activity:
• Dexcom G5: introduction - display ads
• Dex Warrior 2 - testimonial video
• Dexcom: 7 Reasons video
• Dexcom timelapse video targeting parents
• Dexcom #2 - 5 display ads targeting parents of young children
• Dexcom - always know - main video
• Dexcom Warrior 1 - testimonial video
• Dex G5 new always know ads - 6 display ads
• Dexcom “Our Fingers” video

1 Facebook ad campaign media costs: FMC

FB-slideshow ads; multiple display ads both general and for specific services. Multiple campaigns in rotation.

1 FMC Marketing

June ad activity:
• FMC#4: Six ads focused on laboratory services; executive physicals; family health; and specialized services - gastroenterology; naturopathic; physiotherapy.
• FMC#5: slideshow with 10 services-oriented slides, plus building and Google map
• Boosted post FB-video slides “Exceptional physicians, cutting edge technology,…”
• FMC#7: Six ads focused on prevention, wellness, promoting comprehensive family health services and FMC facility in general.
• Initial launch ads continued to run halfway through June. Contained 4 ads promoting comprehensive health services.

Sub Total $6,131.31
VAT $0.00
Total Due $6,131.31

Please make cheques payable to BENELDA WELLS