P.O. Box n-405
Nassau, Bahamas

VAT Invoice
Tax Identification Number (TIN): 107016618

Invoice Number INV-0656
Invoice Date December 3, 2018
Due Date December 14, 2018
Total Due $8,524.15
Family Medicine Center

P.O. Box N-1658
Nassau, Bahamas

TAX ID: 100005668
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Work done for FMC & DEN: November

Updated FMC Baha Mar app
Created new bio page: Dr. Acosta
Updated Team page
Created new 4x9 info card for Botox & dermal fillers
Created new LCD graphics: Botox (2); Diabetes Awareness (3); Baha Mar app promo (2); Welcoming Dr. Acosta
Created new tent card for app promo
Revised primary FMC brochure
- handled print order, proof & approval, delivery
Updated News page
Revised News posts to show images on Baha Mar app
Prepared and sent push notices
Prepared DEN ad for Perfect Feet movie booklet
Posted and promoted movie poster and trailer on FB
Updated FB Services listings
Prepared posts and launched social media videos:
-Diabetes Type 1
-Top 5 Tips For Diabetics
-Diabetes Management
Posted WDD graphics for November health observance
Posted CDC flu notices
Created ad introducing Dr. Acosta
Prepared and added confidentiality policy to FMC Baha Mar website page

1 Facebook media costs: FMC

Short run boosted posts:
Welcoming Dr. Acosta
Video: Diabetes Type 1
Video: Top 5 Tips For Diabetics
Video: Diabetes Management

1 Image Procurement

Images for website, lcd, FB, including: Baha Mar clinic notices - app promos; boosted posts; DEN booklet ad; Botox info card and lcd

Sub Total $8,524.15
VAT $0.00
Total Due $8,524.15

Please make cheques payable to BENELDA WELLS