P.O. Box n-405
Nassau, Bahamas

VAT Invoice
Tax Identification Number (TIN): 107016618

Invoice Number INV-0556
Invoice Date October 10, 2017
Due Date October 21, 2017
Total Due $4,815.00
Family Medicine Center

P.O. Box N-1658
Nassau, Bahamas

TAX ID: 100005668
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Work done for FMC & DEN: SEPTEMBER

Updated team on About us for FMC:
- Removed Lathera Lotmore; Margaret Daxon; Tanya Badamosi
- Updated About team listing; primary nav;
- Updated page links: Endocrinology; Nutrition Management
- Added team members to website:
Flloyd Carter/ Harold Munnings/ Brianne Pritchard:
— Created three new bio pages
— Updated primary navigation and interlinked pages
Updated bio pages Lanee Rivers; Kristine Parker-Curling
Prepared Botox FB ad campaign graphics and ad info
- Created multiple versions to rotate
Implemented and managed Botox social media ad campaign
Finalized tutoring program ad for newspaper
Created new Medical Weight Management section on website
- includes concept strategy; topic research; copywriting; image procurement; content organisation
Created rack card design for Medical Weight Management
- includes proof approval
Updated DEN website:
- Removed Lathera; Daxon;
- Added Brianne to home page team;
- Created new bio page for Brianne on DEN;
- Added bio links for other three team members;
- Updated sub-menu

5 Image procurement

Purchased stock images for use in:
Botox; Medical Weight Management web section, rack card, ads, etc; Tutoring program newspaper ad and other promos

1 Facebook ad campaign media costs

Botox ad campaign - ran two weeks, rotated 3 ads

Sub Total $4,815.00
VAT $0.00
Total Due $4,815.00

Please make cheques payable to BENELDA WELLS