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Nassau, Bahamas

VAT Invoice
Tax Identification Number (TIN): 107016618

Invoice Number INV-0525
Order Number RBC chq#82456
Invoice Date May 30, 2017
Due Date June 9, 2017
Total Due $375.00
Higgs Johnson
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Website Updates

Updated FOCUS, with provided file
Uploaded and positioned Cayman Islands bulletin
Made revisions to Adrian Hunt’s bio
Made revisions to Jo-Anne Stephens’ bio and page
Removed Campbell law and Nettie Bodden from the H&J Corporate Cayman website
Replaced FOCUS with amended version n/c
Updated Bulletins with new file - Amendments to the Employment Act 2001

1 Training Session

1-hour CMT tutorial provided on May 15, 2017

Sub Total $375.00
VAT $0.00
Total Due $375.00

Please make cheques payable to BENELDA WELLS