Search Engine Optimization will employ Google-approved techniques to enhance your presence in the major search engines and directories. This will improve your search rankings and help drive qualified traffic to your web site.

We offer the following services…

Optimize Website for Updated Search Engine Algorithms: will craft new title and meta-tags for your site containing your newly chosen key words and phrases. The title and site description are the most important factors in driving qualified traffic from search engines and directories to your Web site. We will also make necessary changes to your website text copy and links (both incoming and outgoing) to maximize your potential on the major search engines.

Complete Submission and Monitoring:
We submit your Web site, manually, to each major search engine and directory using the site’s preferred methods. Then, we’ll notify you with confirmation that your site has been listed in the directory. We will also monitor the listing, check the status, and manage your URL throughout the subscription period to make sure it is performing as intended.

Renew Listing on an Annual Basis:
We coordinate listing renewal at the appropriate expiration date.

Getting Started…

Initial statistics:

To initiate the desired marketing programme we need to compile some beginning statistics. We will accomplish this by adding Google’s stats programme to your site and researching your current position in the search engines.

  • current number of visitors to site per month
  • most visited pages
  • number of pages per visit
  • number of visits per visitor, per month
  • number of contacts from web site per month
  • number of incoming links to your site
  • starting position in search engines (with comparison to competitors)

 Setting Established Goals:

We will then ask you to set the goals of the agreed upon Internet marketing campaign

  • expected increase in site visitors %
  • expected increase in number of pages per visit %
  • expected increase in number of visits per visitor, per month %
  • expected increase in number of contacts from site %
  • expected increase in number of incoming links to site %

Your budget for web marketing will be dependent on what you expect to accomplish with your marketing campaign and what your competition is doing. This should be determined upfront by setting realistic goals and expectations when developing the marketing campaign.

To accurately monitor the success of the efforts, you must set realistic criteria to be used in determining the success of your program before you proceed. The criteria must include an adequate time frame for testing (a minimum of six months) as well as identification of specific targets for measuring results.

Contact Lisa to discuss the specifics of your search engine optimization campaign.

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