P.O. Box n-405
Nassau, Bahamas

VAT Invoice
Tax Identification Number (TIN): 107016618

Invoice Number INV-0796
Invoice Date February 11, 2021
Due Date February 21, 2021
Total Due $16,719.17
Family Medicine Center

P.O. Box N-1658
Nassau, Bahamas

TAX ID: 100005668
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Work done for FMC & DEN: JANUARY

Created new LCD graphics
- reorganized rotation
Updated Antigen page
- added Odyssey & Jet Nassau
- added LPIA
- updated requirements information
Created multiple new antigen testing promos
- social media; print flyer; lcd;
- LPIA terminal banners; welcome; retractable banner
Prepared and pushed covid test notices on apps
Created new BM prescriptions form
Updated RSD prescriptions form
Created new series of promos for annual physicals
Created new set of specialist graphics
Updates to news page
Updates to contact page, homepage
Updates to Appointments page
- new covid testing locations
Created new graphics for cervical cancer month
Prepared promo lcds for BM EKG special
Created new set of graphics for heart month
Launched covid test ads
Social media management
- includes post prep and copywriting
- monitoring ad performance

1 Social Media Costs: Facebook and Instagram - FMC & DEN

Ad campaigns and boosted posts & videos:
Continuing & new campaigns: FMC reach campaign; new year annual physicals; antigen test; pcr test; cervical cancer awareness (VAT incl.)

1 Image Procurement

images for use in promotions, website, printed materials, lcd graphics, etc

1 FMC green table throws with logo

6-foot standard-back green FMC table throws (4)
- Includes order placement, production, freight, duties (VAT incl.)

3 Live Chat Quarterly subscription

Three-operator subscription. Period: January - March

1 Photography Services

Photography of new building

Sub Total $15,224.54
VAT $1,494.63
Total Due $16,719.17

Please make cheques payable to BENELDA WELLS